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In-Home Puppy Training

~ Puppy Jump Start Program ~

Bringing a new puppy home can be both exciting and overwhelming!


Our Puppy Jump Start training program is the perfect solution for new puppy owners who want their furry friend to have the best start in life. We have designed our program to train your puppy (and you) in a safe and happy environment to become your dream adult dog!

What Does The Program Involve?

The intensive two-week Puppy Jumpy Start program covers everything from

Recall Training


Impulse Control

Biting/ Mouthing

Leash Training


Toilet Training

Crate Training

Basic Obedience

Our program focuses on essential skills for your puppy: comfortable alone time, familiarity with equipment, ease with body handling, and learning impulse control and conditioned relaxation for a well-adjusted, calm and easy-to-be-around companion.

Will You Be Involved?

Our program encompasses not only puppy training but also equips owners with essential training skills. We offer guidance on understanding canine behaviour, communication techniques, and strategies for reinforcing training at home. This approach ensures that owners are well-prepared to continue their puppy's training effectively, fostering a lifelong bond of understanding and companionship.

Where Does The Training Take Place & For How Long?

The Puppy Jump Start program is designed with your beloved pup's comfort in mind. Nestled in the familiar environment of your home, our program ensures a stress-free learning experience. We dedicate one hour each day, Monday through Friday, over two weeks, focusing on foundational obedience and positive behaviour shaping.

Who Will Be Training Your Pup?

At the heart of our Puppy Jump Start Program is our Head Coach, Angelika, a certified trainer with an impressive five-year track record in dog training. Her expertise ensures that your puppy receives not just training, but a tailored experience that fosters trust, confidence, and lasting obedience. With Angelika guiding your puppy's learning journey, you can rest assured that your furry friend is in the most capable and caring hands.

You can read more about Angelika here.


Meet Tiki - One of Our Puppy Jump Start Graduates


Tiki, an eight-week-old Cavoodle, recently graduated from our Puppy Jump Start program with flying colours. By using a combination of positive reinforcement and clear communication, we worked with both Tiki and her owner to create a strong and pawsitive relationship, and develop basic skills and obedience. We are proud of how far they have come as a team in such a short time.

Tiki also excelled in socialisation, showing a friendly attitude towards people and other dogs. She made significant progress in house and leash training and adapting well to a chaotic family life at the same time.

We’ve had many graduates over the years - please visit our Instagram to view more successful stories


Trust us to give your puppy a happy, pawsitive start to their training journey.

Allyce and Lewis, Flinders Park

Angelika is a wonderful trainer. She was incredibly thorough with the training of our French bulldog puppy Lily. She was incredibly insightful, a wealth of knowledge. She also provided us with training videos that have continued to help us after our sessions finished.


How many sessions does my puppy need? Every dog is different and may respond differently to training. If your puppy is not responding as quickly as you'd like, don't worry! We will work with you to adjust the training plan to meet the unique needs of your puppy and ensure that you are seeing progress.

How long are training sessions?  Our training sessions are 60 minutes long. We believe that this is the optimal length of time for both dogs and owners to stay focused and engaged.

What age should my puppy be to start the training program? Our puppy training program is tailored for puppies as young as eight weeks old. Starting training early is beneficial for their development, helping them learn essential skills and socialisation from a young age.

Do I have to be home for the training sessions? No, it's not essential for you to be home during every training session. However, we highly recommend your involvement as much as possible. Attending more sessions helps in building a strong bond and effective communication between you and your puppy. It’s all about working as a team! If you're unable to attend a session, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We record videos of the training sessions, so you can catch up on any missed learning and stay in tune with your puppy’s progress.

What equipment is needed for the training program? Essential items for the program include a leash, harness and collar, food, toys, a comfortable crate, and puppy pads for house training. Specific recommendations can be tailored to your puppy's size and breed.

How do I know if my puppy is making progress in the training program? Your puppy's progress will be evident through their growing ability to follow commands, improved behaviour at home, and increased comfort with socialisation. We provide regular updates and feedback, so you'll be able to see their development throughout the program.

What areas do you service? We are based in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide and prefer clients close to us.


What is The Cost of The Program?



Our Puppy Jump Start program is offered at a competitive price of $850, covering a total of 10 sessions. This investment ensures your puppy receives expert guidance and personalised attention from our certified trainers.


By choosing our program, you're not just paying for training sessions; you're investing in your puppy's future wellbeing and happiness.




Ready To Get Started?


Trust us to give your puppy a happy, pawsitive start to their training journey through our Puppy Jump Start Program.


Please complete the contact form below and Angelika will call you promptly.

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