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Socialisation of your puppy is one of the most vital aspects of dog upbringing. It is not simply introducing your puppy to another dog. It is much more than that- it is introducing the entire world to your puppy! It lays the foundation for his learning and behavioural patterns which will be set for life.

The socialisation window is between 3rd and 14th week of age during which period environmental influences can have profound and long-lasting effects upon your puppy's behavioural, physiological, and emotional state of mind.

This is where your creativity can take the lead! Expose your pup to as many different stimuli as possible- noises, sights, environments, animals, disturbances, surfaces, you name it. The list is endless!

Why do you have to do this? All of this is crucial to help the puppy become mentally strong, it instils resilience and it aids to develop normal physiological, psychological and social capacities.

If the puppy is not exposed to different objects, situations or experiences he may potentially lose the chance to learn about them. This, in turn, may lead later in life to possible behavioural problems such as fear or reactivity.

So without further ado be fun, be creative, don't be boring to your puppy and let him explore the world!

Stay Pawsitive!


My beautiful pup Bob when he was 3 months old

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