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At Pawsitive Training, we put your pet and their needs first. We believe that each dog is unique and this is why our approach is tailored to fulfil their needs perfectly. We understand that environmental enrichment, games and dog to dog interaction play a major role in your fur friend’s daily routine; it keeps them stimulated, socialised and in control.

We also believe that a healthy human/ dog interaction is extremely important. A good dose of physical exercise, affection and mental stimulation are key in your pet’s well-being.


We are strong believers that a balanced dog is a happy dog!


Our mission is to continuously evolve as well as to take an active approach by listening to podcasts and attending symposiums, seminars, webinars and courses including Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training, NePoPo®, Unlocking the Potential- GRC Dogsports and First Aid for Dogs. We are a member of such communities as Do No Harm Dog Training, The Balanced Symposium, The Canine Paradigm discussion group, GRC Dogsports Discussion Group and Balanced Dog Trainers among the others. We also actively participate and compete at the GRC dog sports.

 We feel that our vision sets us apart from any other dog training and pet care services.


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Orhan Pamuk

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