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Hey, I’m Angelika, and this is my Groodle – Bob the Dog. We have been a solid team for 5 years now – we love training and learning new skills! I utilise play and games in my training to create enjoyable and harmonious bond. We would love to share our knowledge, skills and passion with you!

My professional career with dogs began while studying Zoology degree in London. I became a dog walker/sitter and soon after an Animal Assistant at one of the largest UK’s charities – Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. While at the charity, I was exposed to a number of dog breeds with a variety of behavioural issues. I learnt how to investigate and resolve issues such as dog fights and abnormal behaviours, provide basic obedience training, work with large groups of dogs and ensure the animals were provided with high standards of hygiene, nutrition and care. Throughout the years, I have worked at Vet Clinics, Dog Day Care Facilities, Boarding and Training Centres, DogSports Clubs as well as assisted fellow Dog Walkers and Trainers in Sydney.

I am a Certified Trainer Accredited by National Dog Trainers Federation here in Australia. Apart from that I am an active member, competitor, prospective judge and president of GRC Adelaide and a volunteer at local rescue centres.

My mission is to continuously evolve as well as to take an active approach by listening to podcasts and attending symposiums, seminars, webinars and courses including Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training, NePoPo®, Unlocking the Potential, and Training without Conflict®. I am a member of such communities as Do No Harm Dog Training, The Balanced Symposium, The Canine Paradigm, GRC Dogsports and Balanced Dog Trainers among the others. ​

This is direction I believe I can make the greatest contribution, utilising my theoretical background and a scientific creativity. DOGS ARE MY LIFE!

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