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Board & Train Programs

Comprehensive training programs where your dog enjoys a blend of education and recreation.

Our Board and Train Programs are designed to establish a solid foundation for you and your canine companion. We specialize in initiating the process of teaching fundamental obedience, manners, and behaviour modifications. The ultimate goal of the program is not to "fix" your dog or specific issues but to provide a strong foundation for ongoing training. During their stay at our facilities, your dog will receive multiple daily training sessions, with continuous assessment of behaviour and progress to tailor the training plan accordingly.

Some of the benefits of the program include weekly GRC DogSports Club sessions, invigorating trips to the beach, river, and woodland, with a unique stay-at-home-only policy—no kennels involved. Your dog will benefit from multiple daily training sessions, ensuring a tailored and up-to-date, play-based approach. Stay connected with frequent video updates, witnessing the progress of your furry friend's engaging and enriching journey.

What Are Some of The Behaviours That Your Dog Will Learn While Away?

Basic Obedience

Listening to Commands

Coming when Called

Food Refusal

Loose Leash Walking

House Manners


Cued Relaxation

Café Manners

Spill The Beans - How Does This Doggy Business Happen?

Your dog's board and train adventure unfolds in our facilities right in the heart of Underdale. Picture this: structured training sessions during the day, sprinkled with daily escapades to the river, beach, or woodlands. No kennels in sight - just a cosy stay at home. Take your pick with stays lasting a chill two weeks up to a laid-back four weeks. It's like a vacation for your furry friend, but with bonus skills!

Who Will Be Training Your Dog?

At the heart of our Board and Train Program is our Head Coach, Angelika, a certified trainer with an impressive five-year track record in dog training. Her expertise ensures that your dog receives not just training, but a tailored experience that fosters trust, confidence, and lasting obedience. With Angelika guiding your dog's learning journey, you can rest assured that your furry friend is in the most capable and caring hands.

You can read more about Angelika here.

Angelika is amazing and we can’t recommend her enough! Our golden retriever is so happy and well looked after when he stays for board and train. His board and train stays result in significant improvement. We love that during his board and train he gets to have adventures while training. Angelika provides us great strategies and advice that is clear and effective. We are returning clients because we are always so happy with everything!

Cathy and David, Adelaide

Some of Our Board and Train Graduates

Meet Clover, the 12 month old female Husky, who stayed with us for three weeks to learn basic obedience and general manners around the house. We also helped her build much needed confidence on walks.

Little Zulu, the 12-month old Jack Russel stayed with us for four weeks to learn house manners, basic obedience and neutrality around dogs. We also helped him with impulse control and how to safely play games.

When Rocky arrived for our B&T Program he was an overexcited 12 month old 50kg Rottweiler puppy with no manners and any idea about his size and strength. Rocky stayed with us for four weeksCheck out his progress!



How many weeks does my dog need? Determining the ideal duration for your dog's stay at a board and train facility depends on various factors, including the specific training goals and your dog's individual needs. Every dog is different and may respond differently to training. It's recommended to consult with our professional trainers to tailor a program that best suits your furry friend's unique requirements.

What behaviours will my dog learn? The behaviors your dog will learn are customised to suit their unique needs. In our detailed discussion, we'll identify the specific behaviors and goals you'd like us to address, and our commitment is to do our best to work on and instill them. The training plan is designed with your dog's individual requirements in mind, ensuring a personalised and effective approach.

Are there any guarantees? While we understand the importance of achieving your training goals, it's essential to acknowledge that every dog is different. They come with distinct home routines, owners, skills, traits, habits, and experiences—the list goes on and on. This diversity is why we refrain from making any guarantees. Our commitment is unwavering in working tirelessly to meet your goals to the best of our abilities and going above and beyond to assist your dog. However, it's crucial to recognise that the time spent training with us is only a small portion of their lives. What they do when they're not with us is up to you, and it holds significant impact. Our guarantee is that we'll do everything we can within our power.

Where will my dog be accommodated during the board and train stay? Your dog will enjoy accommodations at home during the board and train stay, ensuring a kennel-free experience. In addition to regular toilet breaks, your furry friend will have daily outings to the river, beach, or woodlands for added stimulation. Moreover, they will have undisturbed access to a spacious grassy backyard, providing a comfortable and enriching environment.

What equipment is needed for the training program? Essential items for the program include a leash, harness and collar, food, toys, and a comfortable crate. Specific recommendations can be tailored to your dog's size and breed.

Are there any extra benefits of staying at your facility? Absolutely! Staying at our facility comes with a host of extra benefits. Your dog will experience a home-based environment with no kennels, enjoying daily outings to the river, beach, or woodlands. They'll also partake in weekly Dogsports Club sessions, engaging in multiple training sessions each day. With a personalised training plan tailored to their needs, you can expect regular updates, including videos and photos, ensuring you're always connected with your furry friend's progress and adventures.

What happens after the stay? After the board and train stay, we'll conduct a thorough run-through of the taught behaviors during the pickup. This includes a detailed discussion about the training process and any challenges encountered. We might even demonstrate some techniques for you. It's highly advisable to continue the training once your dog's stay is over. To support this, we recommend booking a couple of one-on-one consultations to ensure a smooth continuation of the progress you and your dog have achieved.

What is The Cost of Board and Train Program?


Our Board and Train program caters to various needs with flexible pricing. Choose from three packages: $2,100 for a comprehensive two-week package, $2,940 for an extensive three-week package, or $3,640 for an all-inclusive training experience. This investment guarantees your dog receives expert guidance and personalized attention from our certified trainers.

Ready To Get Started?


Trust us to give your dog a happy, pawsitive start to their training journey through our Board and Train Program.


Please complete the contact form below and Angelika will call you promptly.

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